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You must register with the employer if you intend to hire employees or pay yourself from a limited liability company. This is subject to the condition that you have at least two permanent employees or that you temporarily pay salary to 6 employees at the same time. You can find more information about it on the taxpayer’s website. The Management Consultant can be specific for the entire process running now.

Accounting period

The taxpayer also wants to know your company’s financial year. A calendar year is usually the clearest way to determine the financial year at which the financial statements and taxation follow the same pace. However, if you feel that your business is going away for a calendar year in the middle of your business season, you can choose another 12 month period. Your first financial year may be longer or shorter than 12 months, but subsequent financial years are always 12 months.

Get Your Business Founding Papers In Order

Now you can finally start a business. The company foundation papers and instructions can be found on the website of the NBPR, where you can also submit a notice of incorporation electronically.

Small tip: Don’t include a phone number or email address in your business listing unless you want to get a big deal from phone vendors and other advertisers. Less often, one of your clients is looking for your contact information on the YTJ service. It is better to save that information on your company’s own website.

Here it goes

Once the announcement is complete, you are ready to start your business. If you are not in a hurry, you should wait for the trade register extract to arrive and your company information to be found in the YTJ. Starting your own business is a good idea to set up a company account and get your business insured. You can become a client of an accounting firm before you fill out a statement of incorporation, but at this point, it would be a good idea to also conclude an engagement agreement with the accounting firm to keep everything in good working order from the very beginning. 

Whether a customer searches for a coffee shop, a plumber or an accountant, he or she is likely to start searching with an online search. Therefore, online presence is a must for every business. It is just as important that the customer catches up with your business quickly and easily.

Select the correct service channels

There are many telephone service, email, online store, pedestal, chat channels. However, quantity is no substitute for quality, and it is a good idea for your company to provide the means of communication that its customers prefer.

Speed ​​is an asset these days, so choose the service channels you need to respond to within a reasonable amount of time. Expectations vary depending on the channel: a call or chat message needs to be answered immediately, while an email can only respond the next day.


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