What is Resin?

Epoxy resin or resin is a product that can be used for several functions, as well as is developed by mixing two elements that are matched per other. If the Resin solution [น้ำยา เร ซิ่น, which is the term in Thai] is mixed with an appropriate hardener, a chain reaction is set in motion that usually lasts many hours.

After the elements have been mixed with each other, not just heat is radiated; however, the material is likewise transformed from a fluid to a strong/healed state. Normally, the mixing ratio of resin to hardener is 1:1 and even 1:2, to ensure that the material can treat completely.

If you look up this interesting topic on the Internet, you will usually stumble upon the terms epoxy resin, casting resin, synthetic resin, laminating flooring resin, or simply material over and over.
Different epoxy materials/casting resins, each with separately various properties, can be utilized for a selection of various applications according to the supplier’s requirements. There is a vast array of various materials, which vary substantially in regards to the duration of the healing process, as well as the hardness and toughness of the completed transformed surface areas. Further criteria for the option of a certain epoxy resin can be factors such as the maximum layer density that can be formed with the material or its warmth resistance.

The various properties of epoxy resin in various item variations:

  • Thickness, flowability
  • Duration of the healing procedure
  • Maximum density of the layer that can be applied per spreading procedure
  • Level of firmness after the detailed conclusion of the transformation
  • Attachment homes on surfaces of various products

In the last few years, the manufacturing and sales quantities of epoxy materials have boosted in jumps, as well as bounds. This is not the least because of the reality that more and more individuals know about the matchless properties of this unique product.


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