Using Reddit to Promote Your Shopify Store

Good things, they say, happen to those who hustle. With the lofty competition out there, there is a need to set your Shopify store and spread the word through marketing and promotion. With more than 300 million users globally, Reddit creates the perfect platform to promote your store. It is a sure way of expanding your sales strategy and driving lots of traffic to your site when adequately utilized.

Reddit is famous for its anonymity and high sarcasm. The catch is, discussions from almost every aspect of life takes place on this forum. Subreddits, which are specific online communities within Reddit, were created to make it easier for people to find what interests them. From r/keto to r/fitness, even to bizarre corners like r/boottoobig, there is a subreddit for you and your prospective clients out there. With that in mind, here’s how to promote your Shopify store through Reddit.

Become a Redditor

If you do not have an account yet, sign up by filling in your desired username and password. Reddit thrives on anonymity, so you are not expected to use your real name. Your email address will only be required when verifying your account.

Utilize Reddit Ads

Just like most social media platforms, Reddit makes use of ads. Just like Facebook, these ads make use of the CPM or cost-per-impression system. It is a safest way of promoting your store through Reddit. When running these ads you will be able to target specific subreddits, and this ensures impressions from people who could be very interested in your products.

Assist Your Fellow Redditors

Pushy advertisements tend to have a pushy undertone. No one likes this – especially not in the Reddit community. The best advertisements are often subtle and unexpected. Now, this is not to encourage any ulterior motivations, but people do tend to become interested in what you have to offer when you get involved in discussion – especially when it is genuine. 

You can set up an Ask me anything (AMA) and help Redditors find the right information in solving problems in your field free of charge. For example, if you have a Shopify store for dog latches, an AMA page on how to take care of dogs can help go a long way in promoting your store – and increasing your karma.

Run a Challenge in a Subreddit

Running a challenge is an excellent way of engaging people. Create something fun and exciting and give discounts on your products as a prize. This will surely give you your store the publicity and attention it needs.

Post Interesting Content

Create exciting topics and share content such as GIFs, fun videos, and discussions in your subreddit. Ensure they are not too pushy or scream ‘marketing.’ If correctly done, this could be the cheapest way to increase your sales.

Post Your Shopify Deals

Are you running a discount or great deals? Post them in subreddits that are just for sales. It could be in your sector or the general section just for deals.

Promoting your Shopify store through Reddit could be tasking – but it’s certainly worth it if done correctly. However, Redditors tend to be a fickle bunch, and you need to be careful to not be overly promotional, particularly if the subreddit you are trying to advertise in does not allow many self-promotional posts. However, if you become a genuine member of the community and engage regularly with other members of the subreddit specific to your Shopify store, then you’ll likely have success driving traffic to your products on the platform. 


James Harrison: James, a supply chain expert, shares industry trends, logistics solutions, and best practices in his insightful blog.