Types of tables used in the office

A table is one of the best-used office furniture. A good Executive office chair (โต๊ะ ทำงาน ผู้ บริหาร which is the term in Thai) brings a lot of versatility with it. While purchasing office furniture you have to buy a lot of different things such as chairs tables storage compartments, couch, conference tables, etc. One of the most important furniture of all is the table. It not only works as our work companion but also as a place where we rest or eat food. Different types of tables are purchased and used for an office. Let’s have a lot at the few

Executive table for office

A good Executive desk brings a lot of versatility with it. It is sort of a status symbol or something that show at what level the person is working on. A table made for the CEO or owner will be big and have lots of functionality. It will create a bold impact in from of others stating that it belongs to someone very important. There are many designs of executive tables available in the market made from hardwood, engineered wood, plastic, and metal parts. The most common and purchased design nowadays is a contemporary form which includes a lot of elements to design the table as per the office decor.

The counter table in offices

These tables are important in a case where two people are standing on either side, exchange information of services to one another. One simple example of this is the counter table in the cafeteria, where a person standing takes the order from the person and then provide the product or services over for payment.


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