Top 3 Most Popular Mobile Money Providers in Africa

There are plenty of options for paying money either digitally or by hard cash. Regardless of whatever the mode of payment is, there is always one focus that the amount should reach its recipient. Technologically advanced nations have card payments mode that is popular there. However, Africa has a mobile money trend that is a popular way of making payments. Mobile money is a faster mode of transferring money to the recipient. MTN mobile money transfer is the most common mode of transferring the amount in Africa. MTN is a telephone network operator in middle east countries.

Popular Mobile Money Providers and How They Are Ruling the Telecom Industry

MTN Group is a multinational telecommunications group, who is currently operating in the Middle East and Africa. MTN mobile money is a highly secured mode of payment via a mobile wallet. The user can store, transfer, accept funds directly into their accounts linked through mobile money numbers. It has expanded its partnership with multiple national and international banks to grow their money transfer application. The user can also accept and send money abroad via their app into 50 countries. With more than 22 million subscribers, it has become a source of entertainment and online shopping through secure mobile investments.

Orange Money Web Payment / M Payment: One of the leading telecom industries in Africa for mobile and web payment through an online gateway. Earlier it was designed for web payment at eCommerce websites. Later they expanded their network for tax collection, donation, fees, etc. They provide a simple API that merchants can easily integrate for commercial services. Through this integration, the customer can pay the amount through their mobile.

M-Pesa is one of the most successful mobile money service providers in Africa. It offers a safe, affordable way to send and get hold of money, payments, short term loans, and many more. This application significantly reduces the potential robbery of hard cash, corruption which in turn benefits the economy of the country. It allows every scale business like a small to a large organization to be part of this digital transfer. This application has proven its usefulness even in the health sector to pay patients hospital bills to the hospital quickly and conveniently. It has become the necessity of everyone in Africa. With an increase in the number of customers doing transactions, the need to create more innovative solutions has become a challenge for the company.


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