The two worlds with a world- The reality and the virtual reality

Currently, it is said that there exist two worlds on earth. The first one is the real one where everyone lives. The second one is the virtual world. The virtual world was created very systematically and ingeniously by technological developers to help connect humans with humans. And slowly but steadily it now has become a much bigger space which is comparable to a world of its own. The biggest contributors who helped create this virtual world are social media platforms. Social media platforms like Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, etc. have created a space where people can be themselves. And this has opened space for big brands as well to use these platforms to showcase the world their products and services.

Why creating advertisements for Twitter is creative and exciting?

One of the biggest social media platform Twitter, has enabled entrepreneurs as well as big businesses to play out their competition on a level playing field. Twitter, which is currently the number one news update platform, also offers advertising space to companies. And social media marketing agencies have been curating their content as per Twitter. The beauty of Twitter is that you have to say what you want to say in only two hundred eighty characters. And this opens up a whole new level for creative content creators. Because relaying a brand’s message in less than two hundred and eighty characters is tough, and that is what brings brands to use this platform to showcase their creativity. Twitter banners are also a place for creativity and advertising. Most brands change their Twitter banner with updates from the company, such as new product launch, new discount offers, etc. So twitter banner design (รับออกแบบBanner twitter, which is the term in Thai)lays a major part in advertising your brand. In a nutshell, it can be said that advertising on Twitter is not only advertising a brand, but it is about creating something unique.

Hire the best freelancer to help you design your Twitter banner

Now in Thailand, if you are to open a Twitter page for business or brand, then make sure you have a good twitter banner beforehand. And to make sure that you have a perfect Twitter banner, you can hire freelancers from online platforms who can help you with the overall design.


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