The Social Stigma Behind Taking A Loan In Our Society

The western world runs on credit. Using a credit card or taking a loan for various purposes like education, buying a house, or a car is almost the norm. The whole concept of taking a loan is normality and making use of the service of loans is a basic necessity at times.

In comparison, taking cash loans in India brings along a social freight. The general view of a loan, especially with the people of the previous generations, is one of disapproval. A loan is viewed as a sign of inadequacy or giving up when in reality, the system of taking a loan is a luxury that can be very beneficial if used properly.

The whole purpose of a loan is to facilitate the purchase and use of a product right away without having the burden to pay for it immediately. Loans allow an individual to avail services and use items before even paying for them. The installments can be paid on a future date. As long as the installments are done in a disciplined manner and not delayed, the system of taking credit can be helpful for an individual.

Removing this stigma will help us finance many of our goals and ambitions without worrying about paying for everything on the spot. Taking business loans can help people finance their dreams instantly and get started with their business. The repayment of the loans can be made such that the business gets some time to grow, and the profits can start building. That ensures the start of a business is not delayed due to financial fear or any thoughts or questions arising in the mind. The payment can be made easier with a long-term plan ensuring that the burden of paying is not too high. If the business starts booming and the money starts flowing in, the repayment of the credit taken can be made more comfortable. The positives of taking a loan are plenty as long as it is taken smartly.

Small scale businesses, without any base capital, can be helped with a loan. With small loans for business, it becomes easy for people who do not have a strong financial background to try their luck in the business industry. As everyone cannot make instant payments and fulfill all the cash requirements for setting up a company, a small loan is beneficial. It is truly unfair when some person’s financial situation becomes an obstacle in the way of their dreams and goals. A well-taken credit can help such people. Providing them with the funding that they lack, they can use their determination and passion for their own business and their firm and focus on growing it step by step. The main concern is capital that comes in between a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs. When this concern is taken care of, it becomes easier for everything to fall in place.

Some people make their luck and write their destiny. Sometimes, you need to take a plunge to earn success. Not all stories are successful, but you come out of it a better person, one way or another. Finance should never be a barrier, and credit ensures that it never will be. Always remember to be diligent and disciplined while taking it.


James Harrison: James, a supply chain expert, shares industry trends, logistics solutions, and best practices in his insightful blog.