The benefits of printable holographic vinyl and how to use it

What are the benefits of printable holographic vinyl?

Printable holographic vinyl is a self-adhesive vinyl film that supports most oil-based and latex prints on the market. Here are three examples of how to use holographic vinyl:

Printable holographic vinyl can be used for signage. This type of vinyl can be self-printed according to the client’s needs to create a specific look for a business or home. It is also easy to replace if damaged or worn.

Holographic vinyl can also be used for advertising printing. This type of vinyl can be placed on roads, shops and other public areas to attract customers. Because the overall is a very good waterproof material, there is no problem in indoor and outdoor use, and it can resist normal rain and snow weather conditions, which makes it a popular choice for outdoor advertising.

Holographic vinyl is also available for home use. This type of vinyl is often used as part of wall decor or floor design. The surface is very smooth and waterproof. If there is dust, it can be washed or wiped directly with water. It is easy to clean and requires low maintenance.

Advantages of Printable Holographic Vinyl:

– It is capable of displaying realistic images in printing.

– It is durable and the permanent glue can be used for a long time.

– It can be applied in many ways.

– Can be purchased in large quantities, with good quality and low price.

Method One: Holographic Rainbow Vinyl

The biggest feature of holographic rainbow film is the color holographic effect on the surface. Under the sunlight, it will reflect seven different colors. As a glass decoration material, Holographic Rainbow Vinyl is a very distinctive and bright product.

Holographic rainbow vinyl can be paired with a strong permanent glue that adheres securely to most smooth, flat surfaces and can even be used on some arched surfaces. Even unprinted holographic rainbow vinyl can simply be used as packaging or decorative material, with a choice of short-term removable glue or long-term permanent glue. And the whole Holographic Rainbow Vinyl is made of waterproof material, which can be used indoors or outdoors, it will not fade due to rain, and the permanent glue can also guarantee long-term outdoor use.

If you’re looking for short-term seasonal or festive decor, printable holographic rainbow vinyl is a great choice. Even, you can use the holographic rainbow vinyl film as a long-term decorative film without any problems.

Method Two: Printable Holographic Vinyl

If you’re looking for a permanent way to display your artwork, then you might be interested in printable holographic vinyl. The surface is a layer of printable layer, which can support most of the printing methods on the market, such as UV, ECO, solvent, LAtex printing, etc. Different rainbow holographic colors are refracted under different angles. Because printable holographic vinyl is so unique and beautiful, it’s perfect for use as wall art, signage and even car decals.

To get the most out of your printable holographic vinyl purchase, visit and be sure to read these tips:

  1. Select the appropriate size. Holographic vinyl is available in different sizes and shapes, so be sure to choose the right one for your needs.
  1. Get creative. Holographic vinyl is great for adding a little excitement and character to any room. Try combining it with other colors or styles to create a unique look.


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