Sony’s new AI image sensors could become the future


Sony Unveils the World's First Camera Sensors with Built-in AI

The pixel chip is back-illuminated, as well as has around 12.3 reliable megapixels for capturing info across a vast angle of sight. Along with the traditional vision sensor procedure circuit, the logic chip is equipped with Sony’s original DSP or Digital Signal Processor, committed to AI signal handling, and memory for the AI model. This setup removes the demand for high-performance CPUs or exterior memory, making it excellent for side AI systems.

  • Metadata outcome


Signals gotten by the pixel chip are run through an ISP or Photo Signal Processor as well as AI handling is done in the process stage on the logic chip, and the drawn-out info is output as metadata, decreasing the amount of data taken care of. Making sure that picture information is not output assists to lower safety and security threats, as well as address personal privacy problems. In addition to the picture recorded by the conventional image sensing unit, users can select the data outcome style according to their requirements and uses, including ISP format result pictures or YUV/RGB, as well as ROI or Return on Investment details location remove pictures.


  • High-speed AI processing


When a video is recorded utilizing a conventional photo sensing unit, it is needed to send data for every private output image structure for AI handling, leading to raised information transmission and making it hard to supply real-time performance. The new sensing unit items from Sony execute ISP handling and high-speed AI handling on the local chip, finishing the whole process in a single video structure. This style makes it feasible to provide high-precision, real-time monitoring of things while recorded video clip.

  • Selectable AI Model


Users can write the AI designs of their choice to the ingrained memory as well as can revise, as well as upgrade it according to its needs or the problems of the area where the system is being utilized.


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