Is Mobile Notary Service the Right home Based Business for You?

A lot of mobile Notaries are moment, wondering how they ever became involved in the mobile Notary signing Agent business. Attracted by the glitzy ads promising easy cash and flexible hours, they’ve found that mobile Notary money isn’t a simple thing to earn and is flexible, which means they can work all day, seven days seven days a week, unlike the “ridged” Monday through Friday 9-5 job they had previously. This doesn’t mean necessarily that Mobile Notary Business is all bad, it could be extremely profitable, rewarding and enjoyable. But is it the right choice for you? Here are some of the questions to consider before launching Your Mobile Notary Business.

  1. Do I want to work long hours to earn small to no compensation? That’s just unfair, but it’s the truth. If you are just beginning with your Mobile Notary Business be prepared to earn very little during the first couple of months as you work for 12 to 16 hours per day. From marketing to sales , to taxes, there’s always something to do in the beginning as a Mobile Notary , and you will not be financially compensated. The only way you’ll earn income is when earn a profit. This leads me into my second question.
  2. Do you love sales?
    If you don’t, you’ll face an extremely difficult in getting you Mobile Notary business off the start. As a mobile notary , you are selling a product, and in selling your services as an Mobile Notary Public you’re really selling your services.
  3. Do you own a fuel efficient car?
    Being a Mobile Notary entails driving a lot on your vehicle, often as high as 5000 miles. In addition, gasoline prices are going through the highs. Estimate your monthly miles at 2,500 and divide it by the number of miles per gallon that your car gets at 12mpg, which translates to 208 gallons of gasoline multiplied by the price of gas $3.30 in some regions is a sum of 684. In cash, make sure in a position to pay one dime.
  4. Are you committed?
    What happens if you earn 75 dollars as a Mobile Notary in the first month of your business! Are you planning to stop working?If all you earn is $75 dollars in the first three months as a mobile notary? What do you do?

Being a mobile Notary is hard work, and at first it’s all work all time, however after a time you could take a whole weekend off or even earn some cash. Do you do I have the determination to make it through the most difficult of the worst only to see it get even worse and worse? Because the reality is, it will. As with all things, over time, you will get used to it and get better at it, even amazing. Spend time talking to your family and friends about your plans, and think about realistically of what you be expecting when you first begin your journey as a Mobile Notary.


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