How to grow your online store easily in 2020

People are doing online shopping more than ever now. Due to the corona pandemic, online sales have spiked up five to ten times in almost all parts of the world. The best business industry you can get into today is online stores. It does take a lot of work to create an online store and scale it. However, times have change. Today people are ordering every little thing online. It is easy to grow an online story today.

How to create an online store

There are multiple options available to create an online store.

  • You can go on and use WooCommerce to create an online store using a WordPress website. It is the cheapest option available, however it does require you to put in a lot of work like store designing.
  • Another great option is to use Shopify to create your online store. It is a monthly paid service but you can find thousands of online store templates to use for your online store. You just need to copy paste and drag a few things from here and there. Your online store will be ready in a day or two.
  • You can sell on other marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. They have millions of reach but you cannot establish yourself as a brand there.

How to scale your online store

The first thing you are supposed to do after creating an online store is to create website for online shop services[jasa pembuatan website toko online, which is the term in Indonesian, reviews, product comparisons, and promotions. This website will help you get leads organically. Of course, you are supposed to optimize your product descriptions for search engines as well. However, a separate website will help you generate more traffic with content marketing and SEO.

Also, seek expert help for SEO and content marketing as these fields are vast and you cannot be a master in them overnight.


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