How to Choose the Best Online Transcription Service?

Now it is easy to find an online transcription service for any language that you desire. One thing you need to be aware of when hiring a transcription service is to know about your needs related to transcription, you might need a transcription service for text or need audio transcription services for your business meeting. It becomes very crucial to hire a transcription service that suits your needs and standards.

Here are a few points that can help you evaluate the best transcription service for your work:

Quality and Accuracy

Every online transcription services have a quality assurance process where senior transcriptionist oversees the work of other transcriptionists to make sure the quality of work is up to the requirement of the client.  To improve the quality of the work senior transcriptionist can also make necessary adjustments such as correct mistakes if needed.

There are many reasons for transcription to go through quality assurance procedure such as:

  • In Case the Audio File You Send Is of Poor Quality and Difficult to Understand
  • To Check the Errors in Transcription

Therefore, it is important to ask audio transcription services about their QA procedure to ensure the high quality of work.

Money-Back Guarantee

When you pay, you want the best work in return which reflects the standard of your company or institution. To ensure such that you can choose a transcription service provider that offers a money-back guarantee if the work is not up to your desired standard. You need to sit discuss carefully all your needs and standard you desire, agree on parameters accordingly, condition for availing your guarantee with transcription service providers.

 If the work is not according to the standards agreed upon, you can ask for money back. The guarantee provides you the peace of mind that if the work is not according to the agreed standards you get your money back.

Competitive Pricing

The common standard rate of transcription service can range between 1$-2$ per minute for high-quality transcription service.

The rates may also vary for a different type of work, audio transcription services may charge differently depending on your work requirements. In case you want your transcription work faster than the turnaround time, you might need to pay some extra fees. It would be better to surf through the different service providers, compare their pricing, and then choose the cheaper one with better value.


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