How a Lender Can Help With Your Home Search

Consumers cannot take on the journey to homeownership blindly. Preparation is necessary to avoid mistakes and getting locked into an unaffordable mortgage. The buyer must have eligible credit scores, a down payment, and find a home within their budget. A lender can help prospective home buyers with their home search.

How Much Can You Borrower?

A pre-approval provides the borrower with a starting point for their home search. It shows the buyer what their budget for buying a home is. They can establish a price range according to the maximum mortgage amount available to them. The pre-approval is based on the borrower’s current credit scores, income, and income-to-debt ratio. When they start their search for a home, the borrower provides these details to their real estate agent to find homes that are within the range.

How Much Can You Pay Down?

When approaching a home purchase, the consumer must have money saved for a down payment. The standard down payment ranges between 3.6% and 10% of the mortgage amount. A lender can advise a consumer about the best practices for generating enough money for their down payment.

They can start by setting up a budget to cut unnecessary spending and control excessive costs. It is not a great idea for the consumer to make any major purchases at the same time they want to buy a home. Consumers can find more information about down payments and ways to save by visiting now.

Are There Lender Requirements for the Property?

If the borrower wants to use a VA loan, the property must meet specific requirements outlined by the lender. VA loans require the home to have little to no issues. The homes don’t have to be brand new, but the property shouldn’t have severe structural damage or any problems with the electrical or plumbing systems. The lender can set up a preliminary inspection for the buyer to determine if the property meets the eligibility requirements as specified by the VA.

Some FHA loans that offer allowance for renovations require there to be a specific amount of structural damage to the property. A property inspection is required for all home purchases, but a FHA with renovation allowance and a VA mortgage require more stringent assessments of the properties.

Will You Need Mortgage Insurance?

Most lenders require mortgage insurance at least until the buyer has built up 20% equity in their home. The insurance protects the lender’s investment in the home purchase. Mortgage insurance is not the same as homeowner’s insurance. Mortgage insurance covers the mortgage, and homeowner’s insurance covers the property. Both policies are required when starting a mortgage contract. However, homeowner’s insurance is required throughout the full term of the mortgage.

Prospective home buyers prepare for a new home purchase by setting up a budget and lowering their unnecessary costs. They must also review all eligibility requirements for the mortgage including the condition of the property. VA and FHA loans with allowance require more thorough inspections. Buyers start their search by defining their eligibility through a lender right now.


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