Enhance comfortability and good sleep with feng shui principal

In today’s fast and hectic lifestyle a soothing bedroom can help you to reduce the stress of the day. Bedroom is the place where most of the people from different walks of life spend at least 8-9 hours and hence it is imperative to have comfortable and relaxing bedroom design. Feng shui principles for bedroom can significantly enhance your mood, energy and quality of sleep. Bedroom is the space of rest and relaxation hence never compromise with the feng shui brith element for bedroom (ฮวงจุ้ยห้องนอนตามวันเกิดwhich is the term in Thai)otherwise you could loss opportunity to promote your overall health and wellbeing.

Fight against serious diseases

To stay active and energetic throughout the day a good night sleep plays an important role. A sound sleep of 8 hours can help to improve your immunity. Knowing your birth feng shui element can make your decor choices for your bedroom beautiful and effective

  • Avoid placing the head of bed directly below a window
  • Place head of bed against the wall opposite from the door
  • Choose the color as per your feng shui birthday
  • Remove hanging decor above your bed
  • Get work out of the bedroom
  • Clear the Clutter
  • Hide or remove the electronics and exercise gear
  • Do not hang a mirror on the wall opposite your bed
  • Use dim lighting

Shape your life

Condo living comes with lots of benefits such as fashionably elegant and sophisticated private room, high quality amenities, less maintenance, community feeling, co working space, etc. Today as whole world is fighting against novel coronavirus a small change in your bedroom can make a huge difference in your mood, positivity, health and fortune. Feng shui is extremely effective in triggering specific emotions and feelings. Hence if you are looking for balance and harmony in your life then make use of bedroom feng shui principles and lead a happy life.


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