Employee Provident Fund Organisation Calculator – Get To Learn About EPF More

For most of you who don’t know, EPF is considered to be a default form of retirement fund for most of the salaried population in India. Therefore, a standard nuance of EPF and a handy EPF Calculator can do you some good. Provident, in layman’s term, is defined as making of timely future preparation. So, in here, provident means preparing for the future with unforeseen earning disruptions, inflation complications, sudden expenses and wealth loss. With the help of epf calculator, you can easily keep a mark and indicate pension or retirement funds and social security with its share of provident funds. 

Best way to save on a regular basis:

Now, you must be wondering what makes EPF such a crucial point for the Indian employees. EPF happens to be a veritable tool, designed for social security. The contributions as made to the funds will get reinvested within a host of investment instruments, while promising as pre-mandated return rate. Check out the epf contribution rate 2019-20 for some more details and even to understand its holds. The earned interest is mainly tax free and the EPF account comes with EEE status. It means that the principal invested, along with the earned interest and maturity payout will remain exempted from the world of income tax.

Going for the interest rate and more:

At present, the epf interest rate within a retirement age of 58 years maximum will be 8.65% for the financial year 2018-19. Here, the EPF fund available just after retirement will be 16, 43,156. In terms of EPF advances, any subscriber has the right to withdraw around 90% of the available balance, while still employed. It has to be done within a year before retirement or just after completing 54 years, which comes later. EPFO will further help subscribes to take reason advances ranging from marriage in immediate family, medical needs and more.


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