Bajaj Experia Portal – Your One Stop Solution for EMI Cards


With the aid of an EMI (or equated monthly installments) card in place, it is possible to convert all the purchases you might incur into easy-to-pay-back EMIs. With Bajaj Finserv’s EMI Network Card, it is possible to acquire a pre-approved loan limit amounting to INR 4 Lakhs. This limit can be used to avail of varied products ranging from home appliances, gadgets, and electronics to furniture, clothes, and groceries. These purchases may be made online as well as offline. Read on to understand more about the Bajaj Experia portal which serves as the primary online platform in place to view, manage and assess all financial transactions pertaining to the aforementioned EMI Network Card.

Signing into the Bajaj Customer Experia Portal

Individuals may sign into the customer portal for Bajaj Finserv’s Experia with a registered mobile number. email address or customer ID.

The first two sign-in methods require customers to visit the Bajaj finserv login page and enter their customer ID and registered mobile number or email address. They are then required to select the ‘Send OTP’ option and validate it with their registered communication method.

Should a user opt to sign in with a customer ID they are required to select the ‘I have a password’ option on the Bajaj Experia portal mentioned above. They then have to click on the ‘next’ option in order to be able to enter their password and view their account.

Checking a Bajaj Finance EMI Statement

After following the steps mentioned in the previous section, customers can view their Bajaj finance EMI statement with ease.

After successfully login in, they are required to navigate their cursors to the ‘EMI Card’ section and request to view their EMI e-statement.  

In the event a customer experiences trouble logging in, they can reach out to customer support via a phone call. After the verification process has been forged, log-in details can be accessed with ease.

How to Change a Bajaj EMI Card Pin – 

  • Once signed into the Bajaj Experia portal, users can select the ‘Services’ tab under which they must click on the ‘My Relations’ option.
  • After doing so they must select the ‘EMI Card’ option.
  • Customers must now select the ‘View All’ option.
  • The “EMI Card Details’ option is then required to be clicked on followed by ‘view Details’ which displays the EMI card on the screen.
  • Click on the header and select the option that reads ‘Change card status’. By doing so users are given access to change the PIN in place.
  • They are required to type in their old PIN and enter a new one that suits them best.
  • Prior to this new PIN being validated, users are required to verify their EMI Network Card number.


Bajaj’s EMI Network Card allows for easy purchases to be made which are converted into easy to pay back EMIs. The Bajaj Experia portal allows customers to check their financial activity pertaining to the same with ease.


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