A Quick Guide on How to send Mails Abroad?

There are different reasons a person may want or need to send mail to foreign countries. It can be to apply for a new job, to send documents to buy a new house somewhere, to buy properties, for business purposes, to join a college or an institute or to send medicines to their loved ones overseas. Mail generally consists of letters or parcels sent by post. A Post is a system for physically transporting mails. A mail might be of emotional or financial value to the sender. Hence, sending mails abroad might sometimes seem a little daunting.

5 things to remember when you send mail to foreign countries:

1. Customs Regulations

Customs regulations usually include the list of documents that are required for the transfer, list of prohibited or restricted items as well as Customs duty and tax rate. Check the regulations of the sender and receiver nations to ensure that the parcel material is not illegal to either of the countries. The content of the parcel must not be hazardous. Proper documents regarding the customs must be attached to the product. The absence of such documents may lead to the termination of the delivery.

2. Service Provider

Choose the reliable Document transfer service (บริการ รับ ส่ง เอกสาร, term in Thai) provider whom you trust. The chosen courier service must be able to guarantee quick as well as safe delivery. No one wants a damaged delivery or a late one. If the mail is for business purposes, tardiness in delivery and damaged delivery might cause a financial loss. The chosen courier service should also provide the tracking facility so that the sender can track down the progress of the transportation of their mail.

3. Packaging

Parcels can travel long distances to reach their destinations. Hence it is vital to ensure proper packaging to minimize damage to the materials. If it is a fragile material, bubble wraps, newspapers, tissues, cardboard boxes can be used for the purpose.

4. Measuring the Dimensions

Shape, length, weight, and the height of the parcel are used to calculate the shipping price. The estimated shipping price can be used to compare and identify the cheapest service provider or send mail to foreign countries price (ส่ง ไปรษณีย์ ไป ต่าง ประเทศ ราคา, term in Thai).

5. Providing Information

The phone number, address and email ID of the receiver and sender, as well as the description of the parcel, must be written on the package. If the mail contains chemicals or perishable products, their permit documents must also be attached to the parcel package.


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