8 Tips On How To Safely Conduct Business Lunch Meetings During The Pandemic

Eating is a communal experience. And it is through this seemingly simple activity that countless business ideas and deals have been sealed. It’s only understandable why many companies allocate a portion of their budget for hosting lunch meetings or tapping lunch box catering services.

But now that COVID-19 has entered the picture, all this has changed. Under the new normal, health and safety protocols should be in effect in order to prevent the spread of the infectious disease. If you’re conducting a lunch meeting anytime soon, here are eight tips you should follow.

Make sure the meeting area has been disinfected. One of the best ways of minimizing the spread of COVID-19 in an office setting is conducting thorough disinfection. If you’re holding a lunch meeting over at your workplace, make sure to keep it sanitized before and after the event. Also equip the area with alcohol-based rubs and hand sanitizers.

Limit the number of attendees. To minimize person-to-person contact, only invite key people for the meeting. Remind everyone that any expected attendee who has been experiencing COVID-like symptoms are advised not to physically participate anymore. For possible contact-tracing purposes, a logbook in the meeting area should also be kept.

Follow proper social distancing. In relation to the bullet above, the people who are physically attending the meeting should observe proper distancing (at least two meters apart). Face masks should also be worn at all times except when it’s time to eat. Keeping proper distance is one of the most fundamental ways of protecting yourself from a possibly infected individual.

Opt for packed meals. It’s also recommended to tap companies that are offering lunch box catering services. Through providing meals that are individually packed, you can help prevent one attendee from getting in contact with another attendee. With the ongoing pandemic, buffet-style catering is strongly prohibited.

Order from a reputable caterer. To have that peace of mind that the meals you will be eating have been meticulously prepared, look for a caterer that is reputable and highly reliable. Research if they have been following stringent health protocols and look for feedback from clients they’ve previously served during the pandemic.

Arrange contactless delivery or pick-up. To further prevent the possibility of contracting COVID-19, ask your caterer on how your orders can be delivered or picked up in a safe manner. And once the meals arrive in your workplace, disinfect the food’s packaging materials first. Before the meeting proper, you should also encourage your attendees to bring their own utensils and tumblers or bottled drinks.

Always observe personal hygiene. Even though your provider of lunch box catering services observes the strictest of safety protocols, their efforts will only go in vain if the lunch meeting participants are neglectful of dining etiquettes and personal hygiene practices.

Keep your meetings brief. Lunch meetings will never be the same while the world still battles the COVID-19 pandemic. The socialization aspect will have to be toned down; gathering people in a closed space for too long a time only increases the risk of spreading the infectious disease.

At Saint Germain Catering, we know the needs of our clients as the “new normal” sets in. If you need lunch box catering services, contact us today!



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