5 things your office needs

This past year has been crazy, we won’t lie about that but when it comes to your office, what does it need for you to feel comfortable but also to be able to work to a high level. Well, we decided to search the internet and see what everyone else was saying about the 5 things that need to be in your office, here is what we found:

Good lighting

This was so common when doing our research; a lot of people do not like particular types of lighting because after a long day their eyes feel tired and sore. The natural light of course was the most popular; otherwise, a lot of people were keen on natural type lightbulbs that are eco-friendly as well. It is amazing to find out that there is a lot of different types of lighting for different areas and jobs.

A cleaner

Now, with everything going on this is needed more than ever. It is also something that is very easily done, you do not have to hire in-house to get a good cleaner. You can use a facility management company and essentially, they will do all the leg work for you. So, your organisation does not need to think about sick days or holidays as that is all in the hands of the facility management company and you just need to hire them on a contract basis. A daily cleaner will ensure that everywhere is tidy and presentable for the workforce, this automatically is something that everyone wants when they come to work, let’s be honest, nobody wants an untidy work environment.

Good broadband

This was not expected as I thought it was a given, but a lot of people have said that this was something that frustrated them in their workplace as the broadband was just not good enough to keep up to demand. So, make sure that you get a good internet company in and wire that office building up. The more time that is taken away because of slow internet speeds means the less productive your staff is going to be.

A natural leader


A leader has the power to change an entire workforce. A true and natural leader is crucial for an office, they set the example for the rest of the team and it has been shown to boost productivity if a workforce feels confident in their leader.

Breakout spaces

Finally, we have breakout spaces and relaxation zones. This one is not very common in a lot of work environments because of the planning that needs to go into it but has proven to be very good for the general health and wellness of a workforce. Being able to remove themselves from work for five minutes and relax leads to better results long-term.


James Harrison: James, a supply chain expert, shares industry trends, logistics solutions, and best practices in his insightful blog.