Self-Concept And Its Importance

After getting off a call with the HR of a renowned IT company, Priya called Rishabh. Thanks to his reference that helped Priya schedule an interview which she cracked with her skills and performance. “Congratulations,” Rishabh said after hearing the news, “how much did they offer?” Rishabh got disappointed after hearing Priya’s answer. “For the […]

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What is Grapevine communication?

Pratima reached the office in the morning as usual, and as soon as she settled down she saw two of her colleagues approaching her with a smile. “Congratulations,” they said, “We heard you are getting married!” And that was just a start. She kept receiving the best wishes and her peers and managers were coming […]

3 mins read

Smart Manufacturing: Are You Familiar With This Trend?

Discover the technological innovations that are transforming factories around the world. Imagine a place where robots and humans work together, with integrated and connected machines doing all the “hard work” while people monitor remotely.  This is not a description of a futuristic setting or some fictional series. It’s the everyday life of an assembly line […]

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IMPS Transfer: What are the fees and charges?

Immediate Payment Service or IMPS in its acronym form, is an instant mode of money transfer under the helm of the National Payment Corporation of India, an initiative by the Indian government. It permits people to transfer and receive amounts of money on the basis of real-time. Interbank transactions are carried out through online means, […]

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Benefits of Choosing a Commercial Plumber

All business owners are constantly thinking about their bottom line when they are considering repair and maintenance costs. There are two choices to explore where your plumbing needs are concerned; opting for a professional handyman, or a professional commercial plumber. The latter is a much better option than the former and this is true for […]

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