The Singularities Of The Industrial Revolution 4.0

In summary, we can see the transformations in each of the periods of the Industrial Revolution and how each of the processes was crucial for different advances to happen, not only in industrial production, but also in the social and economic sectors of society. The greatest singularity of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is the integration […]

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The Role Of Brokers In The Forex Market

A broker is a usual term that has been heard while buying any property or goods. Similar to the brokers one might come across in the market, there are mediators in the trading world also known by the name of forex brokers. The concept of Introducing Broker is ( Introducing Broker คือ, which is the […]

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Benefits Of Pricing Analytics In Your E-Commerce

As the popular saying goes; “Information is power” and much more in the business world. Nowadays, analytics and big data are everywhere being a fundamental factor in the competitive world of e-commerce. The software pricing for e-commerce and brands are discovered as a key tool for better decision-making and implementation strategies. E-commerce with some success […]

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